There aren’t many times I walk into a wedding without having met my couple in person at some point during our planning process, so when I say that Daniel + Michelle were the best surprise a wedding photographer could ask for, I’m putting it mildly. And, when I say that Daniel + Michelle are two of the sweetest, most laid back, fun people to spend a day with, that’s really not giving them enough credit. These two were such a joy to spend the day with, and their families were a blast as well. From start to finish, this crew had an amazing day, and it was a fantastic, gorgeous weather day for an outdoor wedding at Canopy Creek Farm.

When I think of the best wedding venues in Dayton, one of the first ones that comes to mind is Canopy Creek Farm. With its rustic beauty and endless supply of beautiful locations to photograph, not to mention the absolutely wonderful staff, it’s a dream to get to work there. Add in the fact that Daniel + Michelle assembled together some of my favorite colleagues to collaborate with in Party Pleasers, Sherwood Florist, and Audrey Gatsby wedding planners, and I knew their wedding day would be absolutely amazing.

Starting the day getting to know Michelle was great, but I would be remiss not to mention her adorable niece, who stole my heart with her makeup application prowess…and that’s before she stole Michelle’s wedding heels and rocked them. She was an absolute hoot, and I enjoyed capturing their interactions as they prepared for the big day.

Daniel was calm and collected as he prepped, and his easy going smile and laugh was so fun to capture. As they headed to the beautiful alcove where they had their first look, you could sense Daniel’s excitement to see his bride, and the way they couldn’t take their eyes off one another was so beautiful to see.

Throughout the day, their fun glances, touches, and playful nature made it a fantastic day to capture moments, and the hilarious send off gift from their families, as they Saran wrapped their getaway car — only after filling it to the brim with balloons — was fantastic. Throughout it all, I found myself laughing and cheering with their friends and family. They have truly found their counterparts in one another, and it was an honor to be able to capture it.

Daniel + Michelle, thank you so much for entrusting me with your wedding day! It was an honor, and the little sloth friends you sent from Costa Rica have taken up residence in my son’s room. Sometimes he even lets me see them. ???? You two are amazing, and I look forward to staying up on all of your adventures!




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