Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin with a blog post because there’s just so much that happens during a wedding day that takes my breath away. However, in the case of Dan + Lindsay, it’s super easy, because when I think of their wedding, all I can think is, “Man, that was a BLAST!” And it rang true from the moment I met them for their engagement session last fall, all the way through their wedding at Muhlhauser Barn in West Chester, Ohio. Their zest for life, infectious laughter, and their ability to create a good time no matter where they are, make Dan and Lindsay two fabulous people to have the honor of documenting. Add on top the fact that their family and friends are just as fun as they are, and you have yourself quite the party, which was exactly what happened, culminating in one of the most hilarious dance offs I’ve ever photographed!

From the start of their day to the end, Dan and Lindsay were focused on spending time with their friends, family, and enjoying themselves, which many times is hard to remember to do when faced with such a busy, emotionally driven day. But throughout it all, they remained true to themselves, enjoyed their day, and it was such a wonderful thing to capture. Their laughter, zany antics and playful nature between the bridesmaids and groomsmen made it impossible not to be swept up in their joy. Their first look was sweet, fun, and led us right into plenty of time for portraits, which was a wonderful thing to have. We wandered their family’s estate grounds, had a blast, and then headed to Muhlhauser for the ceremony. 

The ceremony was lovely and sweet, and they had a beautiful moment for the family members unable to attend as they lit candles in their honor. Cheers erupted as Dan and Lindsay were introduced for the first time as man and wife, and then the real party began!

The reception was such a fun time for everyone involved, as they made sure to incorporate all of their guests in a game of DJ vs. Photographer, in which we had the length of a song to make it to every table and take a photo with the group. It was wild, fast, and hilarious to be a part of, as the maid of honor ran ahead of us, prepped the tables, and we snapped a shot with each one. It was truly a team effort as Dan literally slid on the floor to reach the bridal party table for the last shot with ten seconds to go, thus sealing my victory against the DJ. It was a blast and such a wonderful way to get everyone involved. Emotional toasts and a wonderful first dance were also part of the evening before the guests were invited out to the dance floor, where the best dance off I’ve seen took place.

It’s weddings like this that make my job so much fun. The joy displayed, the fun that was had, and true support from all the family and friends was something that was a pleasure to document. Congratulations, Dan + Lindsay! I’m so honored you allowed me to capture your memories, and I wish you many, many years of happiness!



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