When you think of a wedding day, joy is a word that generally comes to mind. Joy for the start of a new life together. For the celebration with loved ones. And, just the fact that the day is going to be an amazing day. However, Nick + Rami take the word joy and put it on hyperdrive. Their stunning wedding at Coldstream Country Club was so much fun to be a part of!

Likening himself to a human Golden Retriever, Nick truly has excitement for life, love for others, and infectious joy that you can’t help but partake in. While crazy, it’s one of the best metaphors I’ve ever heard. But, not to be left out, Rami is truly one of the happiest, most fun-loving people I have met as well. From the moment I walked into the room, her and her girls welcomed me with open arms. They were playing Broadway musicals, telling stories, and laughter abounded. And, while I stayed with the ladies, my amazing colleague and second shooter for the day, Chad DiBlasio, hung out with the guys. As he sent me a few snaps of what was going on with the guys, I knew the day was going to be amazing.

These two, and their families, truly embody genuine affection for one another. Their trust and openness to share their love for one another, and allow Chad and I to capture it, was a blast. At every turn it felt as though we were laughing more and more. From the heartfelt first look, to the fun we had wandering Cincinnati with their bridal party to capture portraits, to the amazing toasts and dance party that ensued (and let’s not forget the joy ride in the golf cart, with all the guests cheering them on!), to the grand finale of surprise fireworks, every moment of their wedding day was a treat to capture. It’s rare to encounter such genuine, beautiful people. These two are two of the best I’ve ever met. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of their adventure, and really, I’m beyond words on how much fun they were.

Nick + Rami, thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to capture your day for you. Coldstream Country Club was a beautiful place to hold your wedding, I will forever hold to my title as Lara Croft, and it is such a blast to see how much fun you two have as a married couple. Congratulations to both of you, and I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes you in the future!

(Huge thank you to Chad DiBlasio of Chad DiBlasio Photography for making the trek down to Cincinnati to hang with all of us, and for the killer images! You’re truly a gentleman and a killer photographer.)


Coldstream Country Club Wedding - Cincinnati Wedding Photographers

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Coldstream Country Club Wedding - Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

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Coldstream Country Club Wedding - Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

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