I’m pretty biased, but I adore Judy + Christina. Judy and I were basketball teammates in college, and she was the one, being the team captain, that I was constantly pushed to defend. I lost. A lot. And I loved it.  

Being teammates, you’re pushed to make each other better, and Judy was always there to push and make me better. She frustrated me to no end, and our friendship was formed over rough, “accidental” fouls, 6 am runs, and video games (we still play video games. Thankfully the fouls and 6 am runs have subsided). So, when Judy and Steen, as I call her, got engaged, I was absolutely honored when they asked me to be their photographer. Judy claims she debated asking me to be in the bridal party, but she knew I’d throw a fit and want to be the photographer…and she’s probably right. She knows me pretty well. 🙂  

Knowing I was heading to Portland for a workshop, I made sure to build in time to hang with these two lovebirds in their town, but then I had an idea. Judy knew what she was in for when she got a text at the wee hours of the night, going, “I FOUND A LOCATION. Don’t hate me,” but she and Steen were down for the adventure immediately. Instead of shooting in Portland, we drove five hours north into the Olympic peninsula of Washington, into Hoh Rainforest, then to a tiny fishing and beach town called La Push, where life is slow, rich, and real. It was one of the best road trips I’ve been on, laughing and enjoying Steen and Judy as they adventured and interacted with one another. 

The thing I loved most was watching how much Steen made Judy smile. Just as Judy was always there to push me and make me a  better basketball player, I see Steen doing that for Judy. No one makes her smile the way Steen does. The laughs are louder. The smiles bigger. These two truly are teammates, and it’s an honor and joy to be able to capture such a fantastic time in their lives. It thrills me to see friends find their lifelong teammates, and this trip was so much fun, as I got to know Steen better and see how fantastic they are for each other.  

Judy + Steen, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to capture your love. It was an absolute blast, and I cannot wait for your wedding in August. I know it’s going to be amazing!  



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