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Capturing your story, one rad photo at a time.


Wedding Photography Doesn't have to be Boring.

(Actually, it can be really fun. I swear.)

It's kind of crazy how many wedding vendors there are out there. It's easy to become overwhelmed, and it's really true when it comes to wedding photography. You want to find the photographer that captures your vision, but you're shocked by the sheer amount of us that pop up in the search. How do you even begin?

Just give me wedding photos that don't suck, am i right?

Let's work together to get you those fearless, bold, evocative photos you want, and I bet you'll be surprised at how much fun you can have in the process!


Unique...just like you.


Because cookie cutters weren't meant to be used on wedding photography.


I'm in the business of having fun. a lot of ridiculous fun...and the photos are a byproduct of us having a great time.

You want photos that tell your story. Celebrate who you are. So let's get down to business...which is wedding photography that's bold, fun, and reflects who you are. Wedding photography that isn't status quo, and will leave you wanting to show these images off on your walls to everyone who walks in your home. 

Whether you think you're awkward or awesome in front of the camera, you want to feel your best. I want you to be your best. So let's be awesomely awkward together, create photos that leave you thrilled, and make you think, "Hey, that wasn't so bad...that was actually kind of fun!"


People dig it!


...And I hope you will, too!


Want to Hear What Others Have to Say?

Megan not only delivers images that are top notch but the manner in which she does it is what matters. Her creativity and vision is unparalleled. She cares about your story and ensuring that it’s is told in the way you dreamt it ... and that goes beyond her photos. Schedule changes? It’s all good. Your DJ plays the wrong first dance song? You bet she ran up to the DJ booth and plugged her personal phone in and played the correct one. This woman will climb trees, trudge what can only be described as manure, and hike in rain, sun or snow to get the image captured. There may be thousands of wedding photographers available but she’s the only one that should be considered.
— Spencer + Kayla, Arizona
From the first email we knew that Megan was different. She had a passion for photography and people that you don’t see very often. We loved her energy and organization through the whole planning process. She made it completely painless and even fun! Day of the wedding it was like having a friend come hang out with our family while we got ready, she made everyone from our 2 year old niece to our 80 year old grandpa feel comfortable (no easy feat!). What we had not expected was the awesome spontaneous and creative spirit that she brought with her to the shoot. I love every single picture from that day and can’t speak highly enough of our experience with Megan. She is a true talent and absolute joy to have around!
— Khang + Bethany, Ohio
Having a good photographer was a priority for us. We needed somebody with personality and creativity. Somebody to take risks, think outside of the box, and somebody who has that inherit “spark”. We found that in Megan. Everyone at my wedding (who referred to Megan as Lara Croft) was impressed by her ability to direct people for group pictures, her daring, and her personality. The biggest comment was “She knew what she was doing.” I am inclined to agree. She will do things with her camera that you didn’t know possible. She will keep you laughing no matter what. Yet, most importantly she will provide you with the best pictures that money can buy.
— Nick + Rami, Ohio

Hey there, good looking.


Let's start thIS ADVENTURE!


I love hanging with Awesome people. And I Really love Hanging with awesome People while Making awesome Photos In the Process.


Seriously, My joy is to hang with amazing people, get to know them, and celebrate their lives through my photography. My number one priority is to create images that will take you back to your favorite moments in life, and do it in a bold fashion. Let's go grab coffee or hop on Skype, and talk about your vision and your hopes for your wedding day. I want to get to know the two of you, what makes you tick, what makes you crazy, and who I'm going to have to be sure to encourage to get on the dance floor to get your party started for you.

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It's simple, really.


It's your wedding. have a blast. and let me
capture every moment of it for you.