Adventures with my couples are always my favorite part of photography. The process, not the end result, is where relationships are made, trust is built, and the stories are told. So when a couple is as awesome as Lance and Rachel, and are game to wander for an adventure around Dayton, I’m all about it!

Growing up, I knew Rachel in high school through basketball. After she graduated, we parted ways, but reconnected via social media and kept in touch! Rachel is a wandering soul like myself, so watching her adventures all over the globe has been a treat. And, when she met Lance, and I saw their relationship grow, I thought it was a special one. When she announced they were engaged, I was so excited for her, and secretly hoped she’d reach out and ask me to be their photographer…so when she did, I was thrilled!

Meeting Lance, I knew he would be a special guy to win Rachel’s heart. After spending even a brief moment with these two, you can tell their connection is real. The joy they share is infectious, and the friendship they have is genuine, which is so rare to see. These two REALLY like each other, along with loving one another! That’s always a blast to capture on camera, and I think they had a good time wandering around Dayton together for their session.

Starting at the Dayton Art Institute, we had a great time with the gorgeous architecture of one of Dayton’s most beautiful wedding venues. The stone walls and stairways provide a rustic, classic feel, and Lance + Rachel looked like seasoned pros in front of the camera! From there we walked over to the Dayton Masonic Temple for some photos on their gorgeous steps and out overlooking downtown Dayton, and then finished by heading over to Riverscape Metropark for a more green space feel.

In all our stops, these two were all smiles, enjoying every step of the way. They are simply wonderful people, and it was a blast getting to capture their love and excitement for one another. Lance + Rachel, thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer, and I can’t wait for your wedding in April! It’s going to be AMAZING, just like the two of you!

 Studio 22 Photography tries to make bold statements with your photos using unique backgrounds found in your everyday life, like this wall in Dayton, Ohio.

 Megan at Studio 22 Photography is ready to climb, crawl, jump, and swim to get that perfect shot. Here at Riverscape Metropark in Dayton, Ohio Lance and Rachel got cozy, while Megan found her perfect vantage point!

 We love to get to know interesting facts about our clients, for instance, Rachel went to the UK for the Prince’s wedding. These two looked like Royalty while they whispered and laughed with each other at the Dayton Art Institute.

 At Studio 22 I think it is important to have portraits that are not stiff, capturing your in between moments usually turns out some of the best photos. Whether you are walking through Cincinnati, or laughing together while enjoying the museums in Dayton, I do my best to capture the real you.

 When deciding on a look for your engagement photos it is important to choose locations that match your style. That could be a meadow, a forest, or some amazing architecture. Lance and Rachel brought their ‘A’ game at the Dayton Art Institute.

 When it comes to ring shots at your engagement photos, finding a tender real moment where your ring is present, will be a lot more meaningful later when you look back at the pictures than a static posed shot.

 When booking your engagement photos it is important to leave yourself plenty of time, as well as give the photographer freedom to pick the time of day. This ensure the best light and more time to create! Check out this incredible golden light on Lance and Rachel at our shoot in Dayton.

 Playing with photography techniques is a fun way that Studio 22 makes traditional engagement photos uniquely yours. Using the Brenizer method we get a fresh look to give this gorgeous couple.

 Your engagement is such a short period of your relationship together. Taking photos that document that time in your life is extra special. I love to use these photos to also showcase your home town or a favorite location of yours together. Lance and Rachel had me do that in their home of Dayton, Ohio.



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