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Beautiful Knowles Memorial Chapel Wedding: Ryan + Jacci

Orlando is full of amazing places to have a wedding, and the Knowles Memorial Chapel is one of the best Orlando wedding venues you can imagine. With the stunning stained glass, beautiful grounds, and on the campus of Rollins College, there are plenty of beautiful places for wedding portraits, and we definitely took advantage of them during Ryan + Jacci's wedding day!

As a professional wedding photographer, it's one of my greatest joys to be invited into a group of friends and get the honor of photographing multiple friends' weddings. I met Ryan + Jacci while photographing Connor + Jenny's wedding in Naples, Florida, and when it came time for their turn, it was an honor to be asked to come back to Florida for their wedding!

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Patrick + Andrea | York Golf & Tennis Club | Boston Wedding Photographer

Welcome to York, Maine! A beautiful little town on the east coast, I'd never been north of New York City before Pat + Andrea invited me to capture their fantastic wedding day at the York Golf & Tennis Club. Flying into Boston, I was overwhelmed by the big city and busyness of life, but as I drove out and headed north, the busy life quickly faded behind me in the rear view mirror, as I was welcomed into the smaller town, east coast living that Maine claims as "the way life should be"....and I can't argue with them! It's beautiful, serene, and the kindness from everyone is palpable -- both outside of the wedding, but especially those attending Pat + Andrea's day, and man, was it a blast getting to capture every moment for them on their fantastic day!

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Kenton + Sarah | 3 West Club | New York City Wedding Photographer

Welcome to New York City...the Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps, and the epic location of Kenton + Sarah's fantastic wedding over Memorial Day Weekend! When they shared their vision for their wedding day with me -- complete with a fun picnic in Bryant Park before the ceremony -- I knew we would have a blast. And did we ever! These two are so fun, so full of joy, and so ready to share that joy with everyone around them, that it's impossible to not catch that infectious happiness they give to everyone they see. From start to finish, Kenton, Sarah, their family, and friends were such fun to spend the day celebrating alongside, and the true love and support their family and friends provide Kenton + Sarah is incredible.

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Forget The Knot! Real Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer, By A Wedding Photographer

You're engaged! Congratulations! It's an insanely amazing time for you and your partner, and in many instances, the first time you two might be in front of a professional photographer. That's something that many people aren't accustomed to, and you want to find the right wedding photographer for your day. There are plenty of sources out there that give you a checklist of what questions to ask your photographer, and many of them can actually hinder your experience as you search for your wedding photographer versus elevating it. As a wedding photographer with , I thought what better way to debunk a lot of useless questions, as well as give the RIGHT questions to ask your potential wedding photographer. You know, the ones we wish you'd ask, and the ones that really tell you what you need to know about us. So, without further ado, let's jump into it!

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Doug + Brooke | Naples Wedding Photographer

Brooke is one of my good friends, and when she asked me if I’d be willing to come down and photograph hers and Doug’s vow renewal, I was beyond honored. When she told me it was going to be decked to the hilt with amazing details, fantastic vendors, and have a “to death,” Edgar Allen Poe vibe, I about died, pun intended! Brooke has amazing style, and I knew she would create a stunning backdrop for her special day...and I knew I had to capture it perfectly! 

From the moment I walked into Doug + Brooke’s room at the Indigo Hotel, I could feel their excitement. And, even though they’ve been married 10 years, there were excited nerves as well! It was so fun to have them get ready in the same room with their kids and our mutual friend, Anna, and just be a part of the process. Their fun loving, laid back nature made the day a blast to capture, and their trust in me allowed me to dive right into their lives and capture their essence, which I loved. 

And, let’s discuss everything that went into this day becoming a reality. One of the things that happens after being a wedding photographer, is you start to know EXACTLY what you want in your own wedding, whether you’ve had one or not! And, connecting with some of the most amazing vendors in the Naples area through working with them, Brooke knew exactly who to call upon to create her vision for their vow renewal...and it was PERFECT! 

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Connor + Jenny | Bay Preserve at Osprey | Sarasota Wedding Photographer

As a destination wedding photographer, every wedding I photograph is special and important. It's an honor to be there, and I never want to miss a moment for my couples. However, when your oldest friend gets engaged, asks your son to be the ring bearer, and then asks you to be the Matron of Honor -- AND the photographer -- it's a new level of responsibility, let me tell you!

With Connor being a Florida native, and Jenny having moved there as well, it made sense they would have their destination wedding in Sarasota, near Connor's family. After finding their perfect venue in the Bay Preserve in Osprey, Jenny finding the most gorgeous Spanish wedding dress to tie in her family roots, and her keeping true to her fun loving nature by hooking her bridesmaids up with Chuck Taylors, the stage was set for a beautiful, fun day!

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Best of 2017 - Weddings

Washington. Ohio. Illinois. Kentucky. Florida. Across the country, love won, celebrations were loud, emotions were real, and being able to be a part of the joy and joining of lives embarking on the biggest adventure yet was an honor beyond words. Being a destination wedding photographer is one of the biggest blessings I could have ever imagined. It's a joy to call this my career, and in 2017, I met so many wonderful couples, captured so many amazing memories, and felt so blessed to meet each and every person each weekend. It's hard to really know how to put into words how amazing a year 2017 was for weddings, but thankfully, I don't have to try too hard. Instead, I'll allow the images below to do the talking. But, before I go, I simply want to say this:

To each and every wedding couple in 2017, THANK YOU. You made this year possible, and with over 20,000 images delivered, it felt impossible to pick just a handful that represented what an epic year this was. Your trust, your joy, and your belief in me made these images possible. Your realness and your welcoming spirits allowed me to capture such amazing moments for you. I cannot ever adequately explain how much I appreciate each and every one of you, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds in 2018. So, with 2017 at a close, I present to you...the best of 2017: the Wedding edition. :) 

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Jacob + Gabby | Warrenwood Manor | Lexington Wedding Photographer

Crisp, autumn, vibrant autumn tones...beautiful, historic farmhouse...if this sounds like the perfect backdrop for a wedding day, you'd absolutely be correct. Jacob + Gabby had one of the most beautiful, quintessentially Southern, charm-filled weddings you can imagine at Warrenwood Manor in Danville, Kentucky, and beyond the beauty, Jacob + Gabby are such a blast, and their family and friends are simply a joy to celebrate with! Hit the jump to see how amazing their day was, and leave them some love!

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Danny + Mayra | Estancia San Jose, Cuenca, Ecuador | Destination Wedding Photographer

There are few things greater than having the honor of photographing the best day of someone's life thus far, regardless of who it is, or where it is located. However, when being a destination wedding photographer coincides with the opportunity to photograph someone's wedding who you feel is like a second brother to you, it's even more emotional, and even higher of an honor, if even possible. And, when Danny asked me to photograph his wedding to Mayra in Ecuador, it was one of the biggest honors I've had as a destination wedding photographer. Danny and Mayra are dear to my heart, and their fearlessness and creativity made for one of the most fun weddings I've been able to document!

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Dan + Lauren | Hagadone Event Center | Coeur d'Alene Weddings

If you look up adventurous in the dictionary, I'm quite convinced Dan + Lauren will show up. From the moment we met for their incredible, nearly 24-hour engagement adventure in Portland and the Washington coast, to their amazing backpacking trip in Nepal a month before their wedding, to their gorgeous wedding in Coeur d'Alene, these two are always on the hunt for a new adventure! Combine their fearlessness with their genuine kindness, and you have a recipe for a fantastic wedding!

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Ben + Laurel | Minneapolis Wedding Photography

It's no secret, I love being a destination wedding photographer. And, what many people don't realize, is destination weddings don't need to be out of the country, or in an exotic place. Honestly, destination weddings can be in your own backyard, or simply out of my own, ha! When Ben and Laurel asked me to shoot their wedding at the Millennium Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I was thrilled to head up north and capture their moments for them! From surprise video homages to Laurel from her favorite band, to rocking the night away in Millennium Hotel's gorgeous glass ballroom, Ben + Laurel's wedding was one to remember.

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Tony + Julie | Joshua Tree & Victoria Beach | Los Angeles Engagement Photography

Simply put, Tony + Julie are rockstars. They didn't just travel 6 hours with me to and from Joshua Tree for their engagement session, oh no...6 hours after finishing their shoot in Joshua Tree, I get a message from Tony that read, "Loved yesterday. We're ready for round two!" Which, if you don't mean, you probably should never tell me, ha. I responded with a, "I know of another place..." and boom. No sooner had we laid the plans, did Tony and Julie hop back in the car, we connected, and we shot a second round in Downtown Laguna Beach, capping it off with a fantastic sunset at Victoria Beach! These two are my kind of people: fearless, fun, and down to create awesome images!

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Mike + Ashlea | Promo Video Shoot with Happy Kamper Films

I don't do many styled shoots, simply because I adore the authenticity of real weddings. However, when the opportunity to shoot a promo video with Happy Kamper Films for Studio 22 arose, it was absolutely a no-brainer that creating a killer promo video meant getting the best wedding vendors in Dayton together and knocking it out of the park. Getting to work with Mike & Alison, who are some of the best wedding videographers in the game, was an absolute blast. Even better was the fact that Mike & Ashlea, a current wedding couple who will tie the knot in October, were game to be the bride and groom of the shoot! Add in having the opportunity to collaborate with Lillian's Bridal for one of the most stunning wedding gowns I've ever laid eyes on, Sherwood Florist for a bouquet that will leave you swooning, and Salon EXP for hair and makeup that tied it all together beautifully, and you have the makings of something extremely special. And man, this was fantastic!

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Ram + Rachel | Portland Wedding Photography

Sometimes, the world hands you amazing opportunities, and you just have to run with them. I feel as though this entire week of traveling, learning, and shooting has been one giant opportunity, and while it has undoubtedly been the most exhausting week in an extremely long time, it has also been the most amazing week of my career...and it's only halfway done! These days are the kind of days that inspires me. Ram + Rachel are free spirits, ready to adventure, and most importantly, wildly in love. It's an infectious kind of happiness you see in them; it's something that can't be coached or staged...they simply embrace life and each other in a way that makes you smile. It was a joy to be able to see some of Oregon's amazing locations with them, and I hope these images inspire you as much as Ram + Rachel inspired me.

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Brendon + Robyn | Vancouver Wedding Photography

When the opportunity arose to go out to Vancouver and do a post-wedding shoot with Brendon + Robyn, I was beyond thrilled. Their destination wedding in Italy was a fairytale come to life, and these two are truly beautiful inside and out. Their easy-going nature, ability to make everyone smile, and true willingness to wander and do anything for killer photos makes it an absolute blast to work with them. Add their wonderful personalities to the breathtaking backdrop of Vancouver, and there's not much more you could do make a more fantastic shoot.

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